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1. How do I create my first PollBuzz poll?

You can easily create your poll by selecting "Polls" on the menu. You can either create a binary poll (with two options) or a multi poll (three or more options) from the menu when you are logged into your dashboard. Once you have selected the types of poll you want to create, you can simply type in your topic, select the images, and click save to publish. Tips to create highly engaging polls:

  • a) Use appealing images to communicate how to vote on a poll.
  • b) Instead of generic icons, use detailed pictures.
  • c) You can either upload your own photos or choose from PollBuzz's Creative Commons images. Use high quality images rather than low resolution ones.

Upon saving and publishing your poll, you will be redirected to the poll page with an iframe code. You can simply copy the iframe code and embed it on your site.

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2. What is the difference between a binary poll and a multi poll?

A binary poll is a poll with two selections that users can vote on, whereas a multi poll is one with three or more options. On mobile, desktop, and beyond, PollBuzz polls instantly resize to fit within available screen space.

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3. What are groups and how do I add polls to them?

A group is a place where polls can be aggregated in the same module so that more polls can be voted on from the one place. For example, you may wish to group polls by topic or news event. When you add a group to your site using the embed code users can navigate between polls and vote on any or all of them. After a user votes on one poll they will be taken to the next poll in the group to have their say on that poll as well. You can modify the order of polls within your groups and add or remove polls at your discretion. Once a group has been created, you can add up to 100 polls to a group.

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4. How do I leverage on PollBuzz to grow social traffic?

  • a) Pick a timely or controversial topic. Hot topics encourages voters to vote.
  • b) Add poll to your trending articles and ask people to vote.
  • c) When voters vote, PollBuzz is set to prompt voters to share their responses to their social network.

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5. How do I redirect voters to specific pages based on their votes?

After votes vote on your PollBuzz polls, you can automatically send them to a different Web page for additional related content or actions.

  • a) Once you have created your poll, go to the option page.
  • b) On the poll Options screen, select the After Voting options and add a link to open after people vote on your poll. To ensure people have a way to opt out of link actions, you can only set one option in your poll to automatically open a new Web page.
  • c) Your link action will only work after people vote on your site or app. We don't enable link actions on PollBuzz's pages for security reasons.
  • d) Sit back and see how PollBuzz effectively drive referral traffic for the site of your choice.

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6. Can I use PollBuzz on my mobile?

PollBuzz is designed to be fully responsive and works on all devices. Whether you are at work on on the go, PollBuzz's poll can be created anywhere you have an internet connection. Of course this means users can also vote on your polls from any device as well.

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7. Is PollBuzz free to use?

Yes PollBuzz will always be free to use. We do however will be introducing advanced analytics features for power users that will come at a small fee. Do watch out for that soon!

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8. How do I add PollBuzz to my site?

Scripts are our preferred way to embed PollBuzz because they provide better resizing and automatic sharing of your page. Iframes don't have these advantages but sometimes work better in a CMS with heightened security restrictions. Use scripts or iframes when you want to add a specific poll or poll set to your content. Just copy the code we provide and paste it into your site, app, or content management system (CMS).

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9. What are some examples of PollBuzz on site?

Some of the publishers we have helped grow their reach includes:

All the other polls are available here:

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10. How do I reach the PollBuzz team?

We are always an email away at [email protected]. :)

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